How to be a Member of Oyster

  1. You can submit your application referred by a Founding Member.
  2. Should have a graduation degree.
  3. After the green signal of the Executive Body you must fill in “Membership Form” (you can download it below)  membership-form-only-for-general-member
  4. You have to submit photocopy of NID, 2 Copies of recent passport size Photo, Photocopy of SSC examination to prove age, Photocopy of Graduation Certificate to prove educational qualification.
  5. You have to fill in a “Share Form” also. (click here for share form) shareholder-form-only-for-member
  6. You have to pay 500 taka at the time of submitting the Membership Form, and 50/- for the Share Form.
  7. One can take minimum one and  maximum 10 shares. For each share, one have to submit 5000 tk as Zamaanot and must pay 1000 tk per month on behalf of a share.

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